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  • 2017-02-17

Reasons to like gospel music


Gospel music emerged from the religious songs that black slaves used to sing on the plantations of the South of the United States since the XVII century. Acquainted escorts will explain you that this genre became an important component of spiritual life of the church since then. Find out what makes this emotive genre stir the feelings of so many.

Songs that reflect the faith of a culture

Slaves of American plantations used to intone religious songs that reflected the exhausting and monotonous working rhythm. Well informed ladies from the Escort Directory will let you know that these persons were forced to perform this activity in order to prevent them from organizing uprising and escapes.

The lyrics were based in extracts of the Old and New Testament. These themes were blended with regrets and humor while hiding encrypted messages of intrigue, riots and escape.

These songs known as Negro spirituals were composed collectively and transmitted and reformulated through the dynamics of oral tradition as your intelligent Amsterdam escort will explain you. Their style reveals their rural origin and the fatiguing pace of work on the plantations. This situation changed in 1865 with the end of the American Civil War and the abolition of slavery throughout the United States.

Therefore, former slaves acquired access to a formal education that included the possibility of musical learning. From that moment on, newly formed universities like Tuskegee, Fisk and Hampton enabled music departments that were originally dedicated to classical styles.

However, as your expert Amsterdam escort will tell you, these departments also contributed to the recovery and diffusion of this traditional music. It was done through the registration of musical scores and lyrics of these melodies. They were grouped under the name of Jubilee songs.

Since then, these melodies became the symbol and cultural reference for emancipation. These songs became the cornerstone of all profane, popular and sacred musical forms inside and outside the African-American community.

Clever escorts will explain you that these songs are based on the call of a soloist and the response of a choir. It is probably the first open and participatory musical form that promotes a melodic counterpoint between the performers and the audience.

The consolidation of gospel music

Negro spirituals gave place to the emergence of gospel music. This genre is the product of the period of creation of modern cities. Smart escorts will call your attention to the fact that this style reflects the urban clamor and speed on its syncopated rhythm.

Thomas Dorsey, a successful blues performer and composer, is known as the father of gospel music. It is because this style was definitively established by him around 1930 in the Baptist Church. These days, performers like Scott Joplin and Duke Ellington have added to the genre some tones of opera.

Gospel songs have a strong root in blues combined with tones of Jazz. They also include some of the frenetic rhythm of modern American cities as your favorite Amsterdam escort will show you.

This kind of music is written by trained musicians. However, like Jazz and Blues, it maintains the open and dynamic structure of its traditional origins. Instruments that are mainly employed for this style include piano, drums, bass and electric guitar.